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a.k.a. River Runner


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Relationships, psychedelics, sex, and philosophy all revealed through the college experience of Porter Bloom. Alternate University follows Porter as he navigates the private university environment in this seven-semester epic; an open, honest, hilarious depiction of modern college life. Ian Gabriel Mitchell's debut novel shies away from nothing.

Though I hope for support through book sales*, I am more concerned with readership, thus I will happily supply you with a free PDF of Alternate University upon request via phone or email. You can find my contact info below.

*If you wish to purchase a digital copy directly through me, offering me 100% of the royalties, please Venmo @IanGMitchell.

What Can I Do For You?

Drop me your stems and I'll make them sound pretty.

Literary Editing

Book, article, essay, you name it; I can help with structure, content, and all things grammar and flow. 

Life Counseling

Not that I have anything figured out, but I'm always happy to discuss better ways to live; diet, exercise, body work, creation vs. consumption; the possibilities are endless, really.

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Phone: (216) 287-3921

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